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Anoka, Minnesota Montessori Education

1333 5th Ave S.  |  Anoka, MN 55303     

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Anoka, Minnesota Montessori Education

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Anoka, Minnesota Montessori Education


Toddlers may start at Montessori Renaissance Academy when they are 16 months old, and remain in the toddler program until about 32 months. Our toddler program is designed to introduce young children to the Montessori method, and practice valuable life skills.

Encouraging Growth and Independence

At Montessori Renaissance Academy, our toddler teacher helps to embody the Montessori method at a young age and foster independence in the child.

Toddler program curriculum includes:

  • Self-care (including how to dress one’s self, wash hands and put on shoes and slippers).
  • Potty training
  • Picture and self-recognition
  • Fine motor development
  • Social development
  • Language development
  • Introduction to colors, numbers, and letters
  • Large muscle growth
  • Grace and etiquette

Some of the Things Your Child Will Learn to Do in the Toddler Program

Learning independent life skills.

At MRA, we stress having toddlers do things for themselves! This includes putting on their own shoes and slippers, cleaning up their own messes, dressing themselves, and washing their own hands! The physical classroom is designed to encourage independence, children are also allowed to walk about class independently, chose what they want to work on, sit where they want to sit, and work for however long they please. It is amazing how young a child can master these skills as long as you allow them too; these victories are important growth mile stones for your child and the toddler program at MRA gives many opportunities for your child to experience personal success!

Self care and potty-training.

We encourage children to learn the basics of caring from themselves. Along with learning the importance of personal hygiene, the toddlers also learn how to use the bathroom independently, and practice undressing and redressing themselves for this. Our child sized bathroom facilities located in our classroom give great opportunities for your child to have success with potty training at school!

Learning how to get themselves ready.

We encourage children to walk into the classroom with their lunch boxes, and put their shoes and slippers in the correct places. Toddlers are able to locate their own lockers in the hallway, and can get themselves ready for class with little assistance from staff and parents.

Fine motor development and Academics.

Physical work and curriculum provided to students are age appropriate and challenging, giving the student the ability to grow physically and intellectually. Some Montessori based materials introduced to and mastered at this young age are learning how to carry a tray, learning how to scoop, use tongs, and pour. Children are also given opportunities to hone their own senses of order, introduced to color, numbers and letters and given many other learning opportunities through monthly themes.

Good manners and etiquette

In class and at meal times, we practice good manners, grace, and etiquette such as recognizing and respecting personal belongings, learning how to sit in a chair appropriately, how to have good table manners and how to ask politely for something that you want.

Encouraging Growth Through Independence, Respect, and Responsibility

We encourage parents to participate in their child’s growth by allowing their toddler to do the activities we have shown them at school, at home. Many of these things take extra time in the short run, but pay huge dividends in the long run as your child takes more initiative and becomes more independent and self-confident.

Your Toddler Will Thrive Here!

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