1333 5th Ave S.  |  Anoka, MN 55303     

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Anoka, Minnesota Montessori Education

1333 5th Ave S.  |  Anoka, MN 55303     

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Anoka, Minnesota Montessori Education

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Anoka, Minnesota Montessori Education

Mission, Vision, and Values

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, our Mission, Vision, and Values help guide us as we set and reach future goals for the school. These guiding principles were set in 2022, by a volunteer group representing all aspects of the MRA Community, working with input from all teachers, parents, and staff.

Encouraging Lifelong Growth Through Independence, Respect, and Responsibility with an Inclusive, Authentic Montessori Education.

As Montessori Renaissance Academy (MRA) moves into the future, clear vision, mission, and core values will create a streamlined, aligned pathway to success, for the children, families, and community.

Our Core Values, Mission, and Vision guide MRA into our next exciting stage of growth. They provide a cohesive direction for MRA’s families, staff, and most importantly, students, to move towards together. 

MRA Values Word Cloud

Compilation of values that matter to the MRA community, the result of a 2022 survey. (Click to enlarge)

Montessori Renaissance Academy

Mission Statement

Encouraging lifelong growth through independence, respect, and responsibility with an inclusive, authentic Montessori education.

Vision Statement

Educating the whole child, from toddler to high school graduate, preparing them to engage as global citizens.

Our Core Values

Growing Lifelong Learners – Fostering a passion for learning throughout all stages of life.

Becoming Global Citizens – Cultivating a foundation to build a community that reaches beyond the classroom, to create something greater than ourselves.

Fostering Independence – Empowering self-awareness, resilience, and responsibility while working independently and collaboratively.

Educating the Whole Child – Providing a safe, supportive, and challenging environment for each unique individual, with empathy and respect, to thrive with confidence beyond academics.

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To learn more about MRA, a 501(c)3 nonprofit school in Anoka, Minnesota, please call our office or contact us online. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our organization, vision, growth, and fundraising goals.