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Anoka, Minnesota Montessori Education

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Anoka, Minnesota Montessori Education

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Anoka, Minnesota Montessori Education

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Montessori Kindergarten
At Montessori Renaissance Academy in Anoka, we encourage kindergarteners to grow and become leaders. The Kindergarten year is a critical year in education, and experiencing Kindergarten in a Montessori school teaches your child independence, respect, and responsibility. Below are our top 5 reasons you should consider, or continue, Montessori education for your kindergartener.

Compiled by Karla Wagner and Jaclyn Gehrke, Children’s House and Elementary teachers at MRA. The Montessori Children’s Foundation has additional resources and information on Montessori Kindergarten.

5. Your Five-Year-Old Will Become a Leader

As a five-year-old, your child has many opportunities to teach the younger children lessons that he learned when he was their age. Research proves that this experience has powerful benefits for mentor and mentored.

  • Students are part of a mixed-age classroom which sets them up for real life experiences.
  • We develop leadership skills by encouraging them to help their peers.

4. Your Kindergartener Will Learn to Love Learning

Montessori children learn how to learn – and they learn to love learning.

  • At Montessori Renaissance Academy, we offer a weekly kindergarten-only Spanish lesson with our Elementary teacher, Miss Jaclyn.
  • Experiential learning outside of the classroom setting reinforces academic concepts.

3. Your Child Will Progress at Their Own Pace

In Montessori, your child can continue to progress at her own pace. In traditional Kindergarten, she will have to wait while the other children begin to catch up.

  • At MRA, collaborative teachers work to continually challenge across grade levels.
  • The Montessori Method of following the child allows us to individualize lessons.
  • They become actively engaged in their studies and a natural progression occurs.

2. Your Kindergartener Will Learn Social Skills

Montessori teaches children to be kind and peaceful.

  • At Montessori Renaissance Academy, we teach practical life lessons in grace and courtesy.
  • Conflict resolution skills are taught through reasoning.

1. Your Five-Year-Old Will Understand What They Learn

Our goal is to develop students who really understand their schoolwork.

  • Learning is not focused on rote drill and memorization.
  • Students progress when they have shown that they are ready, not before.
  • Learning takes place through hands-on experience, investigation, and research.

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