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Elementary Summer Session 2018

Montessori Renaissance Academy is offering a special summer session for elementary aged students.  This program is distinctly superior to daycare because it offers the children experiential learning in addition to academic education.  Unlike summer school or daycare, the MRA Elementary Summer Session will consist of field trips, water park visits, and special computer education opportunities on a weekly basis.  These activities are included in the weekly cost. This is an excellent opportunity to test drive a Montessori education for your child.  Come for the summer and make new friends, and stay for the school year when you see the enormous changes and benefits for your child!

Stay Outside!

The summer session will heavily emphasize outdoors activities, and weather permitting, children will spend about half the day outside exploring biology, biking, fishing, and the school’s outdoor garden.

Technology Education

Students will have individualized instruction in the technology lab for 1-2 hours per week.  The technology lab has a dozen computers that are loaded with 3D modeling software, programming environments, and educational games.  A 3D printer is available for students to use to bring their ideas to life at no additional cost (print complexity and materials are limited).

Montessori Certified Instructor

Summer session will be led by the Montessori certified elementary instructor who leads our regular school year elementary program.  This is an excellent opportunity to test drive our elementary program for new parents, and existing children benefit from the continuity provided by having the same instructor year round.


Did you know?

Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison were both supporters of the Montessori Method.

Both founders of Google received a Montessori education.

Weekly Field Trips and Water Park!

A different field trip is planned for each week of the summer session, and the students will visit the nearby Anoka Aquatic Center on a weekly basis as weather permits.  You don’t have to make the difficult decision between academic progress, experiential learning, and just having fun because this program has all three!  Some field trip examples include:

  • Science Museum of Minnesota
  • Mill City Museum
  • Walker Art Center
  • Grand Slam Coon Rapids
  • Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park
  • Elm Creek Park Reserve
  • Minnesota Zoo
  • Wildlife Science Center
  • and more…

Additional staff will be on hand for water park visits and field trips in order to maintain a safe adult to child ratio.  Field trips are included in the summer session cost, but parents must pay the cost of an unlimited admission wrist band for their child.  Alternate child care will be available for children who cannot swim or otherwise attend water park visits. 


Class runs from 8:30AM to 4:00PM Monday through Friday.  Children can be dropped off no earlier than 8:00AM and must be picked up no later than 5:00PM.  Earlier start times and later pick up times are available from the Montessori Renaissance Academy daycare program at additional cost.

Summer session will consist of 10 total weeks, parents can pick and choose which weeks they want their child to attend.  There is no summer session the first week of summer (June 11-15), the last week of summer (August 27-31), and 4th of July week (July 2-6th).

  1. June 18th – June 22nd
  2. June 25th – June 29th
  3. July 9th – July 13th
  4. July 16th – July 20th
  5. July 23rd – July 27th
  6. July 20th – August 3rd
  7. August 6th – August 10th
  8. August 13th – August 17th
  9. August 20th – August 24th


The cost for summer session is a flat $200 per week, per child.  Field trip costs are included in the flat rate.  Anoka Aquatic Center season pass is required ($45). 

If you would like to pay for all 10 weeks up front, you will receive one week free for a total summer session cost of $1800.


To reserve a spot without paying all 10 weeks up front you must make a $50 deposit per week.  The deposit is not refundable after May 1st.  The deposit will be used towards the normal cost of summer session.

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